The Holy Kumaras on Venusian Alchemy, Architecture, Art & Music


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LOVE permeates all creativity on Venus

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The Holy Kumaras on Venusian Alchemy, Architecture, Art and Music
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Two  1.5-hour class videos
The Holy Kumaras
David Christopher Lewis
$15 US. Discounts available for students living in other countries.
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The Holy Kumaras share an intimate vision of life on Venus in the higher realms of light and of how their solar civilization incorporates divine alchemy and architecture into their society. They reveal wisdom teachings that are relevant for us today as we recreate a garden paradise on Earth. Venusian minstrels and artisans inspire us with an understanding of the science of higher music and holy art forms which permeate the Venusian culture, making it a true planet of divine love.
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Art and Music of the Aquarian Age

There are no required course readings or prerequisites. Simply be present to experience a darshan of impelling love with the spiritual leaders of our sister planet, Venus. 
This course originally took place in Sweden. Some portions of the class are translated into and from Swedish.
During the second class there is a segment of about twenty-five minutes of silence that occurred when students were working on an assignment to draw and color their ideal garden home based on Venusian principles. 

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