The Science of Harmony and Aquarian Music


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Aquarian Music Is the Music of Divine Love!

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The Science of Harmony and Aquarian Music
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Four 2-hour video classes
Serapis Bey, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary
Boyd Badten, David Christopher Lewis, Cheryl Bench, Carol Wells, and Maria Min
$25 US. Discounts available for students living in other countries.
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What is Aquarian music? It is the music of divine love, pure love from our hearts. Like a precious gem, this webinar course has many facets that are examined and displayed by its five instructors and four sponsoring masters.
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Art and Music of the Aquarian Age

Instructors Cheryl Bench, Carol Wells, Boyd Badten, Maria Min, and David Christopher Lewis offer their hearts' wisdom, personal experience, music, and song. The sponsoring masters Serapis Bey, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, and Mother Mary reveal progressive teachings.
An interactive course with plenty of student participation, each of the four classes offers examples of Aquarian music or singing.

The student outcomes for this course are a greater appreciation for music, a greater understanding of the creative process, a greater ability to freely express oneself in song and music, and a greater ability to use song for spiritual work and healing.

In the first lesson, Cheryl Bench, with sponsor Serapis Bey, explores devotional music of the Divine Mother, East and West. Students learn the basics of Bhajan, Kirtan and Raga, and Holy Spirit movement and dance for releasing and raising the Mother Light: the kundalini. Cheryl also encourages students to explore the psychological effects of music on various dimensions of being as well as music's harmonic and healing properties. Students create their own Aquarian Age Bhajans and experience devotions to the Divine Mother through nature and the singing of the birds.

In the second lesson, Boyd Badten, with sponsor Archangel Gabriel, expands several empowering themes: the science of vibration and harmony through vibration; singing as Your Crystal Self; thoughtforms created by toning and music; making clear physical tones which are entrained with the radiant sound of our Inner Tones; consciously projecting feeling, thoughtforms and beautiful sound to an audience; and using these skills to make you more effective at prayers and invocations, as well as singing.

In the third lesson, Carol Wells, with sponsor Archangel Raphael, reveals key teaching on the action of harmony. She explains the ability of song to heal the body, emotions, mind, and ancient memories through various methods. Carol shares information from The Power of Music on current applications of music to promote healing. From The Healing Power of the Human Voice, she discusses ideas such as the ability to project light through the voice. She also shares personal experiences of devotional song writing and encourages students to create mantras that they then may tone in 2-or 3-part harmony with others to enhance the light action.

In the third lesson, Maria Min, with sponsor Mother Mary, encourages students to experience the power of their word through lyricism when prayers become songs. Sung prayers create thoughtforms at higher energetic levels. Since we create and conceive through our voice, songs are living beings. Students can explore their musical creativity by co-creating an environment where their words become a living ingredient for a joyous life. Maria invites students to listen to an audio, allowing them to explore sensitivity to melody and share their feelings during this exploration. Students will view a few videos of music played and sung from the heart as well as share their experiment with singing and creating their own songs.

Recommended Readings:

The Power of Music: Pioneering Discoveries in the New Science of Song

by Elena Mannes

This book explores the power of music and its connection to the body, the brain, and the world of nature. Only recently has science sought in earnest to understand and explain this impact. One remarkable recent study, analyzing the cries of newborns, shows that infants' cries contain common musical intervals, and children tease each other in specific, singsong ways no matter where in the world they live.

Physics experiments show that sound waves can physically change the structure of a material; musician and world-famous conductor Daniel Barenboim believes musical sound vibrations physically penetrate our bodies, shifting molecules as they do. The Power of Music follows visionary researchers and accomplished musicians to the crossroads of science and culture to discover how much of our musicality is learned and how much is innate.

Can examining the biological foundations of music help scientists unravel the intricate web of human cognition and brain function? Why is music virtually universal across cultures and time? Does it provide some evolutionary advantage? Can music make people healthier? Might music contain organizing principles of harmonic vibration that underlie the cosmos itself?

Sounding the Inner Landscape: Music As Medicine

by Kay Gardner

Sound has the capacity to affect us on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This work ties together a number of traditions, both scientific and metaphysical, to explore the beneficent force of music. Drawing upon research into mathematics, chemistry, physics and ancient cultures, Kay Gardner explaines the healing effects of different instruments, keys and musical forms.

She explains which keys stimulate specific areas of the body that govern the immune system, excite the passions, or soothe the soul. She also interweaves traditions as far-flung as Native American beliefs and the Chinese meridian system, the properties of chakras (from the Sanskrit word meaning "wheel") and their correspondences with Western nervous and endocrine systems.

Sacred Sounds: Transformation through Music & Word

by Ted Andrews

Sacred Sounds reveals how to tap into the magical and healing aspects of voice, resonance, and music. On a physical level, these techniques can be used to alleviate aches and pains, lower blood pressure, and balance hyperactivity in children. On a metaphysical level, they can be used to induce altered states of consciousness, open new levels of awareness, stimulate intuition, and increase creativity. Sounds can heal through their vibratory energy. To understand how this works you need to understand the power of vibratory energies within your body. This book will teach you about the chakras and how energy flows through them. You'll see what happens if that energy is blocked and learn how sound can be used to free the energy, a practice that can result in healing the physical body. To be even more specific, you'll learn the secrets of esoteric toning, a healing method that involves vibrating certain vowel sounds. You will discover that each vowel has different pronunciations and different purposes. Thus, if you pronounce the vowel "a" as in "hay," you can help with problems of the chest and circulation. If you pronounce it as in "cat," you can heal respiration and mouth problems. And if you pronounce it as in "saw," it can aid digestive problems. All of this and more is fully explained in Sacred Sounds. Perhaps the most famous users of sound were the bards. In Sacred Sounds you will learn their history, lore, training methods, healing techniques, and more.

Sounds of Healing: A Physician Reveals the Therapeutic Power of Sound, Voice, and Music

by Mitchell Gaynor, M.D.

We are all familiar with the tremendous power of sound to energize our bodies and soothe our spirits, whether we experience it in the form of rousing music or in the hushed noise of waves on a beach at night. A pioneer in the revolutionary new field of sound medicine, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, a leading oncologist and director of integrative medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center, has been using sound as complementary therapy in the form of chanting, music, and quartz crystal bowls to treat patients since 1991 with remarkable results.

In Sounds of Healing, he shares his philosophy and sound-based techniques for self-healing, which can be used by anyone, whether faced with a life-threatening disease or simply seeking relief from the stresses of daily life. Sound, voice, and music are potent tools for restoring the inner balance of the body and awakening the spirit. Dr. Gaynor explores the science behind how and why sound and vibration affect us on a physiological level and outlines the sound traditions and practices that promote relaxation and body-mind healing. Rooted in the musical principles of entrainment, resonance, toning, and harmonics, his methods help us achieve overall wellness, greater energy, and the realization of our highest spiritual potential.

His easy-to-follow exercises include:

Life Songs—Discover your personal, mantra-like song that resonates with your own particular essence and use it as a means to healing and self-discovery.

Essence Sound Meditation—Use your voice or another instrument to help you rise above everyday worries, relieve stress, and begin the healing process.

Energetic Re-creation—Give voice to your emotional conflicts and create new blends of sound to help you resolve them.

Dr. Gaynor also describes his unique vision for a holistic approach to medicine that treats the whole person and creates the conditions for a higher quality of life. An extraordinary blend of science, music, and spirituality, Sounds of Healing is an enlightening, inspiring guide to fostering inner harmony and tuning in to the music of our own souls.

The Healing Power of the Human Voice: Mantras, Chants, and Seed Sounds for Health and Harmony

by James D'Angelo

This book is a complete introduction to using the sounds of the voice to promote healing. As infants and children we use our vocalizations to express our needs and emotions. As we grow older these vocalizations become confined to language. The suppression of emotional sounds because they may be considered childish or undignified is quite commonplace in Western cultures. Yet when done with vigor, the sounds made by laughing, groaning, humming, keening, and sighing hold within them great power for healing. In The Healing Power of the Human Voice James D'Angelo introduces the concepts behind sound healing and provides simple, practical exercises for beginners. He explains in detail the meanings and healing attributes of the whole range of human vocal expression, from vowels and consonants to the natural sounds of laughter or sighs.

He praises the power of singing and reveals the ways in which group singing can contribute to physical and mental health. He also presents authentic classical chants and mantras from cultures around the world and shows how we can combine various vocal sounds to form our own mantra to help clear chakra blockages. All of the sounds discussed, as well as the techniques for producing overtones, are placed in a ritualized context and are accompanied by simple movements to enhance tuning the body toward inner harmony, health, and peace.

2 Minute Course Sample


About Our Instructors

David Christopher Lewis is a lyric and mystic poet and a masterful composer. He has a gift for writing pure and simple devotional music that people love to sing because it attunes the heart to love and to the angels.

Born and raised in the Heartland, in a suburb of Chicago, he is the sixth of ten children. Influenced by his parents’ great love of family and God, his music speaks of the sweetness of life, family harmony, angelic intercession and divine love. Even in early childhood David felt the purity of his mother’s heart as he listened to her continually humming songs. He described it “almost as a spiritual indoctrination into divine music through the voice.”  

Beyond his childhood love for music—playing the oboe and piano and participating in choral singing—David loved God with a purity and a core fire of devotion that, by age 19, led him to forego his music and even higher education to dedicate his life to God’s service in spiritual communities sponsored by the Universal Great White Brotherhood. David was ultimately led in 2004 to found The Hearts Center Community.

Even though he wrote his first song at 18 and carried a love for music and choral singing, through his youth and adulthood, David only realized his talent and passion for composing 22 years later when his grandfather’s Steinway baby grand piano was unexpectedly gifted to him in 1998. That same year he published his first CD album, Psalms of Love, a collection of devotional love songs, including his own beautiful keynote composition, One Breath Away.

David’s compositions display a musical attainment beyond this life and his mere 18 months of formal training as a youth. Many of his songs are inspired by his devotion to Mother Mary. Almost all of his music is included in The Hearts Center’s song book, HeartSongs. David’s numerous instrumental and vocal CD’s are purchased widely and are frequently heard on The Hearts Center’s daily streaming services. David says the goal for his unique lyrics and melodic arrangements are to touch the soul and lift the heart into divine Presence.

Cheryl Bench MSW is an advocate of lifelong learning. She has experienced the joy of music throughout her life from a very young age, participating as a soloist in quartets, and in many musical productions. She has been an instructor with Meru University since 2006.


Boyd Badten has studied the teachings of the ascended masters for 30 years and has practiced specialized yoga and meditation for 28 years. He has served since August of 2010 as the Hearts Center’s Director of Operations.In addition, he manages the IT and technical development and operations that knit The Hearts Center community together. He is a past president of the board of directors of The Hearts Center and has been either a volunteer or an employee of The Hearts Center since it began.

Boyd studied chemistry, math and physics at the University of Washington in Seattle for 6 years. He is an opera fan, music collector, and self-taught tenor and song writer. In his spare time, Boyd also enjoys fishing, backpacking and other outdoor activities with his wife and two children.

Maria Min was born and raised in the Netherlands and from age seven until 1988, when she and her husband immigrated to the U.S.A., Maria was a member of a Catholic Church choir. After pursuing a career in the medical field, she raised and homeschooled her three children. She now serves our Heart Center community as an audio/video-editor and graphic artist. Maria is the coordinator of our Hearts Center songbook, HeartSongs, and has composed several songs.


Carol Wells has been one of the keyboard accompanists and songwriters for The Hearts Center since 2005.

Surrounded by congregational devotional singing, Carol, at age five, felt the tender presence of Jesus for the first time in a service at the Assemblies of God Church in Fall River, Massachusetts and received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Growing up, she wrote songs to Jesus and would feel his presence with her as she sang. For Carol, devotional music—simple, joyful and harmonic—was the way to God's heart.

She played the piano for religious services throughout her childhood and into her college years. 

In 1987, Carol found the teachings of the ascended masters and a deeper understanding of her Savior’s mission within the grand mission of the Universal Brotherhood. And since 1999, she has written and sung songs for a new day of spirituality

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