The Mystic Path of Adeptship Part 1


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Find the Joy of the New Blue!

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The Mystic Path of Adeptship, Part 1
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Two 3-hour class videos
El Morya
David Christopher Lewis
$15 US. Discounts available for students living in other countries.
Course Description:
To communicate directly with the mind of God is a beautiful and natural empathic state we were all born with. This one-day experiential course shows you how, through continuing to purify your spiritual centers and accelerating into heightened states of stillness, you can rediscover the secret of communicating tele-empathically with God.
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Adeptship and the Path of Initiation to the Ascension

Understanding the heart field is a key. You can learn to compress your heart’s electronic and energetic wave pattern to so attune with God’s heartbeat that you are able to entrain your mind with God’s and with the mind of the master. This is the ultimate goal of Vibration Education—to so align your lower and higher bodies with the mind of God and the Master’s mind that you have instantaneous access to knowledge, wisdom, truth and teaching.

You can lock into the Logos and receive direct downloads from the mind of the Master through the Holy Spirit in order to hear the Word, to speak the Word, to teach the Word and to be that Word. Master Morya assists each student with a light infusion drawn from the new blue energies of Sirius.

Find out how these cosmic wave patterns of pulsing blue-white star-fire light are now affecting the Earth. Discover why “maternalization” of Spirit is now required for Earth's peoples and why you are now being empowered with higher communication forms and training in order to speak on behalf of your higher mentors and your own Solar Presence.

In this course, Part 1 of this three-part series on adeptship, El Morya lays the foundation of New Blue Energies for a triology of Light. In Part 2: Illumination from the Central Sun, Kuthumi sets in motion the yellow ray of the threefold action of The Mystic Path of Adeptship. In Part 3, Djwal Kul's teachings on Love as an Initiator of the New Era completes the trilogy and complements the two previous courses in this cycle.

The Importance of Meru University Course 1202 for the Fulfillment of the Dispensation of The Hearts Center

There are a number of opportunities prepared for you, dearest hearts, that we of the Darjeeling Council have worked assiduously toward fulfilling in time and space through our servitors of light.

Number one: I am sponsoring a very important Meru University course wherein new teachings are presented. And I have already released through this one new mindful concepts wherein you, truing your mind to the mind of God through the laser-light frequencies that flow from Sirius, may receive those currents within your being. You just may access your own inner genius, dearest ones, at a new level of creativity and harmony.

The choice is up to you. This particular course will not be rebroadcast, and the messages released will not be placed publicly upon The Hearts Center website because of the nature of what I convey in a very personal and private way to those who choose to be with me in Spirit and in matter.

From January 25, 2012 discourse:

What does this class entail? Why are we communing with the Master Morya El, and what does this mean for the springtime of this year, the cycle of Pisces moving into Aries? Those of us practicing the Solar sciences have begun to sense what it is like for us to live as immortal beings, as fully conscious and awakened, enlightened sentient beings in this way.

El Morya brings to us his own sense of what it is like to be a true master of one’s self, a true devotee of the Sun, a true Sun of God, a S-u-n. And imparting his wisdom, his faith, his understanding and the integrity of his love of God and for God and in God, he illumines us with this ancient gnosis, teaching that will allow us to, in a deeper and more comprehensive way, etch out our destiny as Solar beings, because we are all destined to merge with the Great Central Sun.

Now, many masters have gone to the Sun after their ascension to receive an impartation of cosmic light. So El Morya shares with us what it is like to enter the Sun and to bask in that eternal glory-light and to feel the currents and the radiation of the one who represents God within our known universe, to commune with Alpha and Omega and receive a new sense of mission and purpose as an ascended being.

Our purpose upon Earth is to bring the Sun into play in all of its dimensional and glorified patterns and rays and quintessences to bless life, to raise life, to heal all life that we have been sent to serve. When we are Sun centers, living in our integrity, we know our Source, we have that full connection with our Presence. And then what manifests through our life, our awareness is beautiful, radiant, of God. We talk of people having a sunny personality, being radiant. These are true qualities of the virtuous ones, sons and daughters of God, whom we all are.

Required Materials

  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Crayons or colored pencils (12 or more)
  • White Paper


Read El Morya's HeartStreams on the Word.

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Listen to David's discourse on January 25, 2012 about Meru University 1202 and the monthly Virtues class series.

Listen to Apollo's HeartStream from July 4, 2010

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