Seven Chohans on the Path of the Rainbow Rays


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Who are the Master Chohans of the Seven Rays?

Seven Chohans on the Path of the Rainbow Rays
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Two 3-hour class videos
The Seven Chohans of the Rays
David Christopher Lewis
$15 US. Discounts available for students living in other countries.
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During this six-hour webinar, The Seven Chohans on the Path of the Rainbow Rays, you can witness a live darshan with the Chohans. They respond to questions through their amanuensis, David Christopher Lewis. You learn much more about the many ways the Chohans are involved in your daily lives and about the seven rainbow rays on which they serve.
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Live Darshan with the Seven Chohans On the Path of the Rainbow Rays 

What is darshan?
In Hindu, darshan means seeing or perceiving ultimate Truth, either through one’s own experience or through a blessed vision or interview with a divine being. Darshan with the Chohans is an intimate sharing of divine love-wisdom and initiation.
They come to give mankind opportunity to align with the holy purposes of God as co-creators. They look for those individuals with whom they can work to benefit lightbearers across the Earth, at times for the blessing of specific nations, at other times to assist smaller groups and individuals. Occasionally, the Chohans will step back, allowing us to employ the light we have  earned through past initiations before they go to bat for us with new and greater dispensations. 
Who are these seven ascended masters?
The Chohans are spiritual teachers with great attainment on the seven rainbow rays, paths to God-realization, mentors who instruct and initiate us in becoming masters of the seven rainbow lightstreams of divine energy emanating from within our own spiritual centers. They tutor our souls and exude a love-wisdom so impacting that our lives may never be the same. As close as our desire for their help, they sometimes assist us, even if we are unaware of their presence or of who they are.

How do the Chohans work with us?
You learn much more about the many ways the Chohans are involved in your daily lives and about the seven rainbow rays on which they serve. Here is an overview:
• El Morya: the blue ray of government, leadership, law, order and divine evolution
• Lord Lanto: the yellow ray of education, communication and advances in science
• Paul the Venetian: the pink ray of culture, artistic creativity, and international brotherhood
• Serapis Bey: the white ray of New Age architecture, initiation and training for the ascension
• Hilarion: the green ray of healing, music, divine mathematics and all sciences
• Nada: the purple and gold ray of service and ministry, nursing, social science, humanitarian work and all religions and religious orders
• Saint Germain: the violet ray of alchemy, divine magic, priesthoods, freedom, secret societies and high initiates
You also meet the Maha Chohan, the Great Lord, who guides and directs all aspects of the integration of these seven rays, and brings the gifts, blessings and anointings of the Holy Spirit. 

The Chohans influence the affairs of Earth
These “Lords of Dharma,” as they are called in the Mahatma Letters, deliberate on ways to mitigate what they see on the horizon for mankind; and they remind us of what is important—the light we bear the Earth as light workers, lightbearers and light sharers who care for humanity. They are interested in greater global progress. An aspect of their sacred work is finding ways to synthesize the desires of men with the cosmic plan of action to move the Earth forward into a golden crystal age. In this hour of global change, crisis and cataclysm, they deliver light infusions that can influence affairs to balance the geopolitical equations of the entire planet.

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