Divine Science

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Twelve  1-hour class videos
The Twelve Elohim
David Christopher Lewis
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Join David as he imparts new revelations and insights inspired by the Elohim, and then engage in lively question and answer discussion, dialogue and debate! This will be an exhilarating spiritual experience with the mighty Elohim, who will provide keys for world transmutation as we work as divine scientists to transform ourselves from within.
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Spirituality Includes Science!

True spirituality includes a deeper understanding of science as what the Creator has expressed through divine intelligence within the creation itself.

Let's Co-Create with the Elohim

The Twelve Elohim are the beings who created the physical universe as we know it—the Divine Us mentioned in Genesis, chapters 1 and 2. They will share more on the creation process and how we may invest our life energies in co-creating a beautiful new world through our own spiritual gifts—imagination, spiritual thoughtforms, alchemy, and the new science of heartstreaming.

YouTube of David discussing the upcoming 12-month free Divine Science series:

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