The Way of the Magi: Cycles of Cosmic Confluence


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How are we united with the Sun, the stars and the galaxies?

The Way of the Magi: Cycles of Cosmic Confluence
Six 1.5-hour video classes
The Divine Director
David Christopher Lewis and Kevin Raphael Fitch
$35 US. Discounts available for students living in other countries.
Course Description
To have us, in our Solar Presence, realigned with our true nature, and understand cycles of confluence on our soul’s journey on a path to our oneness. To  move beyond mundane astrology and Earth-based astronomy.
The Self, The Higher Self and Solar Beingness
Course #
MU 1009
This course is designed primarily for the student who wishes to explore in depth a type of new cosmic astrology, without becoming involved in detailed mathematical developments. This course presents to the student brand new, crest of the wave, revelatory teaching through releases by the Divine Director.In the process, students have the opportunity to see how they are more than the appearance of individual units of being and part of a greater and more inclusive organism, of which they can become consciously aware. They  come to appreciate how this awareness lifts them energetically out of the limitations, for instance, of mundane astrological thoughtforms and constructs, which are not really lost, but only relegated to their rightful place in a larger scheme.

Reading Materials and Books

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Required Reading

Predict Your Future - Understand the Cycles of the Cosmic Clock
by Elizabeth Clare Prophet


Recommended Reading

Esoteric Astrology
by Alice Bailey

CosMos: A Co-creator's Guide to the Whole World
by Ervin Laszlo and Jude Currivan


The Kybalion: A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece
by the Three Initiates
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