The Tao of Joy: Walking the New Aquarian Eightfold Path


What is the “New Eightfold Path” and how does walking that Path bring you joy?

The Tao of Joy: Walking the New Aquarian Eightfold Path (El Tao del jubilo: caminar el nuevo camino óctuple acuariano)
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Gautama, Jesus and the Holy Kumaras
Cathleen Alexander
English, Español
Course Length
90 minutes
Free with recommended donation of $10.00
Course Description
What is the “New Eightfold Path” and how does walking that Path bring joy to your daily life? As the Tao describes both how we walk our Path and the Path on which we walk, let us walk joyfully with Jesus using the eightfold heart-virtues of Gautama Buddha, the Venusian love-virtues of the Holy Kumaras.
In this course, based on the teachings of two enlightening HeartStreams, you learn what happens when you chant Om Mani Padme Hum, and how you can walk upon water, air and fire. We examine Gautama Buddha’s concept of a new eightfold path with his teaching on the four nobler truths. The master called us to master the eight heart-virtues of the eight petals of the crystal chamber of our hearts.
Please join our 90-minute interactive course for a fun discussion about how we can continue to make these virtues a reality in our own lives, starting with how we treat ourselves, our family and our friends. Students share their thoughts, wisdom and experience.
Heartfriend Wisdom Series; The Self, The Higher Self and Solar Beingness
Course #
MU 2024-05


Meditation on the New Eightfold Path Heart Virtues

A meditation on the New Eightfold Path Heart Virtues: loving-kindness, loving-understanding, loving-charity, loving-empathy, loving gratitude, loving forgiveness, loving-mercy and loving compassion. See these virtues as lotuses of light going out across the planet, illuminating people and helping them to be more loving.

HeartStreams on Joy

Live in the Effervescent Joy of the Holy Spirit is a discourse through David Christopher Lewis from beloved Leila Macey who challenges us to live in a state of effervescent joy. This is the joy of the Holy Spirit's grace which comes because love is at the center of our life. Joy can only be in us if God's quintessences are activated and flowing in our aura and awareness.

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