Preparing for Your Ascension and Getting Your House in Order


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Preparing for Your Ascension and Getting Your House in Order with Serapis Bey (Prepararte para la ascensión y poner tu casa en orden con Serapis Bey)


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Serapis Bey
David Christopher Lewis
English, Español
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Course Description
Our ascension to the heart of God is the most sacred event, initiation and ceremony that we may experience—the fulfillment of our reason for being, our mission and our dharma over many lifetimes—and a graduation from this world to our immortal freedom in the light. This inspirational Meru University class affords students a new look at how important it is to focus on what is truly important in our lives—divine love, purity, humility and service to God and others—and to perfect our heart and consciousness through daily givingness, surrender and joy.

Serapis Bey highlights what transpires for candidates of the ascension at his etheric retreat over Luxor, Egypt and how we can prepare for the most epic moment on our personal path since our creation by our Source—our Father-Mother God. This class includes a short review of the most poignant teachings given before along with a plethora of never-before-released teachings by the Great Hierophant. David shares a few practical end-of-life preparations to honor our posterity and hosts a question and answer darshan with Serapis in this landmark two-hour class.
Adeptship and the Path of Initiation to the Ascension
Course #
MU 2023-03

Course Resources

Multiple course resources such as HeartStream, song, darshan and lecture videos, as well as books and more are included on the Lesson pages. Click on the blue words "View Full Course in English HERE" or "Ver curso completo en español AQUÍ" in the gray box located on the left side or at the bottom of this page which you can access once you have registered for this course. 

Our students are saying:

  • This was the most beautiful class I have ever taken. -SR, MT
  • Serapis Bey gave us important reminders and suggestions for preparing for our ascension. Meru classes always present insights that resonate personally with me. -RL, WA
  • This class remines me to take care of unfinished business -LG, CO
  • The Ascension class gave a clear path for getting my house and affairs in order for Ascension. -MR, CA
  • This is a great way to learn about your psychology. How to stretch and how to grow. How to be balanced, authentic in many ways. -GS, Norway
  • Indeed there is an alternate reality, which totally wrapped around my beingness. That there are people that I can see and hear that are on the path. I was totally present taking it all in. I learned a number of historical spiritual events that were fascinating. I will reread the list of ascension suggestions immediately. Truly inspiring. -JA, NY
  • Thank you, David and Serapis Bey, for the wonderful class. The video of the Triumphal March from Aida was the Jewel in the Crown. I felt the strength and encouragement of Serapis's love and I am so very grateful to have had this opportunity and experience. -GG, KY
  • This class was very inspiring, prompting me to desire to do more and better towards earning my ascension. I'd like to watch it again at least once and take notes. -SW, Canada
  • The class provides an accessible guide to preparing for our Ascension, not discussed in such detail anywhere else. The compendium of existing resources plus those provided by David enable anyone on their spiritual (or religious) path, to fully prepare for and take the necessary action to make changes whilst there is time to do so. -LK, Great Britain
  • This class revealed life-changing information about how to think about and prepare for the greatest and most sacred experience we will ever have. -CB, AZ
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