Listening to the Music of the Spheres

Listening to the Music of the Spheres (Escuchar la música de las esferas)


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Sunday, August 7, 2022, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm MT
David Christopher Lewis
English, Español
Course Description
Thomas Carlyle said that music is the speech of angels. In this class we will experience music as a metaphor and doorway to higher consciousness, accelerated spiritual attainment and our union with God. We will discover how various types of music afford us insights into our divine nature while providing an impetus of joy. Inspired music may have a profound effect upon our senses, psyche and soul, even raising us into heavenly bliss to know God more intimately through our higher feeling body.
              Numerous composers were initiates and messengers of divine music through whom angels and heavenly beings dictated creative concertos, celestial sonatas, dynamic operas, playful fugues and sweeping symphonies. In this two-hour class, we will listen to and meditate upon some of David’s favorites which include stirring strings, resounding woodwinds, harmonious harps and powerful pianos all exhibiting how melodic and harmonic sound can impel us into ecstasy and a new Aquarian state of loving awareness.
              This class will be interactive as time will be provided for the students to ask questions and to share their insights.
Art and Music of the Aquarian Age
Course #
MU 2022-02


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