Permaculture, Freedom and Prosperity


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Permaculture, Freedom and Prosperity - A Green and Violet Revolution for Lightworkers


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David Christopher Lewis
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Course Description
This permaculture practicum is wonderful fun and learning for the entire family. Enjoy watching and putting into practice in your own life thirteen hours of hands-on instructions, meditations, teachings, and more—all hosted from the beautiful property of the Paradise Permaculture Institute and facilitated by Mona and David Lewis. Mona Lewis is the co-founder and President of Paradise Permaculture Institute, a Montana Corporation for education of sustainable, edible gardens and landscapes. Mona’s permaculture mini-class is packed with innovative gardening practices and principles that allow us to create a thriving, sustainable way of life as we put what we are learning into action where we live.
Each of the five elements – earth, water, air, fire and ether – is highlighted, one per class, with special presentations by those who have environmental expertise. "We demonstrate how to work with nature to co-create abundant foodscapes and sacred spaces."–Paradise Permaculture Institute.
Meru University Event; Permaculture and Elemental Life
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MUE 2021-1

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