Kuan Yin, Kindness and Kin Domain


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Kuan Yin, Kindness and Kin Domain
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Kuan Yin
Cathleen Alexander
English, Español (traducción en vivo)
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Course Description
In this 90-minute course, you hear the meaning of Kuan Yin’s name as “Hearer of the World’s Sounds” and practice her method for listening which the Shurangama Sutra describes as her method for attaining enlightenment. We study sacred symbols of her many manifestations. You also hear a brief excerpt of a newly composed symphony to the Goddess of Mercy.
Many masters, including Kuan Yin, have spoken about the virtues of kindness and we explore some of these teachings. The instructor asks about what kindness means to you and how it has been shown in your life and in the lives of others. You learn about The School of Kindness whose mission is to spread kindness throughout the world.
In the third part of the class, we discuss Russian mystic Anastasia’s concept of kin domain and how many of these family Paradise Gardens have been created already. We discuss the meaning “kin” and talk about for whom we are preparing our legacy using Kuan Yin’s advice for blessing our kin. You see pictures of a kin domain garden paradise in the small Alpine town of Mount Shasta, California.
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MU 2021-05
Heartfriend Wisdom Series

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