Meru University Micro-talkS (MUMS)

Meru University Micro-talkS (MUMS) are 15-minute video presentations by heartfriends who share their wisdom on a topic of their choice.
How to Access MUMS
In the gray box located either on the left side or at the bottom of this page, click on a MUMS title in blue words .  You can scroll down this page to view an example of a MUMS.
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MUMS 2023-1
A Spiritual Perspective Scavenger Hunt - Douglas Jackman
MUMS 2022-1
Flower Newhouse and the Little-Known Service of the Angels, Part 1 - Douglas Jackman
MUMS 2022-2
Flower Newhouse and the Little-Known Service of the Angels, Part 2 - Douglas Jackman
MUMS 2022-3
Living Life with Soulful Insight - Terri Ziemkowski
MUMS 2021-1
More Fire is the Call of the Hour - Raymond Ziemkowski
MUMS 2021-2
Scale the Mountain of Nirvana - Denise Mattoo
MUMS 2021-3
History of the World's Evolutions in Fifteen Minutes - Douglas Jackman
MUMS 2021-4
Light Alchemy: Taking Inspiration from Heart Center Resources to Create Spiritual Tools for Personal Development and Transformation - Louise Keoghan
MUMS 2021-5
The Importance of Holding the Immaculate Vision for All - Wallace Tulloch
MUMS 2021-6
Befriend God Harmony - Sharon Wallace
MUMS 2021-7
Practicing the Process of Love: Giving and Receiving -  Vernon Coulon

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Sample MUMS

Title: More Fire is the Call of the Hour          Language: English 
Presenter: Raymond Ziemkowski                  Length: 16 minutes


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