Upcoming Live Courses

Upcoming 2024 Courses

Monday, July 15: The Tao of Joy: Walking the New Aquarian Eightfold Path (El Tao del jubilo: caminar el nuevo camino óctuple acuariano) with Cathleen Alexander, 7:00 pm–8:30 pm MDT
Mondays, August 5 and 12: On the Practical Uses of the Currents of Space (Los usos prácticos de las corrientes del espacio) with Raphael Fitch, 7:00 pm–8:30 pm MDT
Sunday, November 17: Mother Mary on Essene History, Mysticism and Prophecy (Madre María en la historia, el misticismo y la profecía esenia) with David Christopher Lewis, 11:00 am–1:00 pm MT
Sundays, TBA (dates coming soon!): The I AM Process (El Proceso YO SOY) with Mary Ann Morningstar, 1:00 pm–2:30 pm MST

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